Artwork class stinks! Study with odor in artwork class utilizing this olfactory show

Artwork class stinks! Study with odor in artwork class utilizing this olfactory show

Arduino GroupSeptember twenty second, 2022

By Maria Nikoli, Interplay Designer, MSc., Malmö College

Smelling is essential to our on a regular basis dwelling. However how nicely do we actually perceive the function that smells play in our day-to-day? Ask somebody who briefly misplaced their sense of odor due to COVID-19. They’ll most likely inform you about how extremely boring consuming grew to become impulsively, and the way their roomies saved them from consuming a foul-smelling, spoiled block of cheese that had zero mildew on it. 

The sense of odor is tremendous vital, because it makes life pleasurable, and helps us detect hazard. It’s additionally intrinsically linked to reminiscence and emotion. You most likely know what it’s wish to odor one thing and get an instantaneous flashback – it nearly appears like time journey. 

But, olfaction (a flowery phrase for the sense of odor) is usually neglected in each HCI and artwork schooling. Constructing on that, “Artwork Class Stinks!” is an interactive system for studying with odor in artwork class whereas serving to the scholars grow to be extra conscious of their sense of odor.

The prototype consists of two parts. The primary part is a cellular app that guides the person by means of processes of studying and being artistic with odor, provides directions for artistic duties and odor consciousness duties, and archives the customers’ artwork. The second part is an olfactory show (OD). The OD consists of a scent equipment and an Arduino-powered interactive board outfitted with LED lights and RFID tag readers. Navigating the app, the person will get prompted to do a number of artistic duties utilizing the scents for inspiration. Additionally they get prompted to do odor identification duties to lift their very own consciousness of their sense of odor. The interactive board hyperlinks every scent notice to the software program and likewise signifies the methods during which the person can sniff the scent notes. 

Discover out extra about this mission on Instagram (@marianikolistudio) and Malmö College’s digital archive.

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