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c++ – iOS App backed with cpp dyld crashes with error “lacking image known as”

I received an iOS App with following nested construction:

iOS App (swift + objC) { 
 iOS Framework (objC + C++) {
    dynamic library (C++) {
      static library (C++)

It hyperlinks and compiles efficiently, however at runtime crashes with an error “dyld[58599]: lacking image known as”. The crash is occurring on the time when the code from the dynamic library is being known as. The a part of log which causes the crash:


Thread 3 identify: Dispatch queue: sdf.export.queue Thread 3: 0 dyld
0x108049274 __terminate_with_payload + 8 1 dyld 0x10804e6ec abort_with_payload_wrapper_internal + 136 2 dyld 0x10804e700 abort_with_payload + 16 3 dyld 0x10801ea00 dyld4::halt(char const*) + 580 4 dyld 0x10802fd84 dyld4::APIs::_dyld_missing_symbol_abort() + 44

Please advise. I am utilizing Xcode 14.0 and iOS 15.6.1

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