Chemical bonding as quantum tunneling: The Capra bondons: Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures: Vol 30, No 10


The chemical bonding phenomenology is approached via the quantum tunneling somewhat than by the normal quantum wave perform superposition/interference. It supplies an entire overlaying character of the nano-space for topological chemical constructions, which in any other case geometrically function the space-gaps. The overlaying completion is definitely recovered by the quasi-particle bondon as the knowledge agent in filling the potential gaps of each asymmetrically and symmetrically prolonged or typically topologically diminished chemical constructions. In such a context, we discovered that Prof. Diudea’s Capra topological operation supplies the bondonic quantum pentagulation, which resembles the nano-topological analogue of the Wigner-Seitz primitive in periodic lattices, whereas additionally establishing the direct reference to the reciprocal k-space of wave-vectors and with the allied Brillouin zones of digital (bosonic) condensation.

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