Floor Acoustic Waves Induced Phenomena in Two-dimensional Supplies

Floor acoustic waves (SAWs)-matter interplay gives a captivating doorknob for inducing and manipulating novel phenomena and functionalities in two-dimensional (2D) supplies. The dynamic pressure discipline and piezo-electric discipline related to propagating SAWs decide the coherent manipulation and transduction between 2D excitons and phonons. Over the previous decade, many intriguing acoustic-induced results together with acousto-electric impact, acousto-galvanic impact, acoustic Stark impact, acoustic Corridor impact and acoustic exciton transport, have been reported experimentally. However many extra phenomena, equivalent to valley acousto-electric impact, valley acousto-electric Corridor impact and acoustic spin Corridor impact, was theoretically proposed, ready for experimental verification. On this minireview, we try to overview the latest breakthrough of SAWs-induced phenomena overlaying acoustic cost transport, exciton transport and modulation and coherent acoustic phonons. Views on the alternatives of proposed SAWs-induced phenomena, in addition to open experimental challenges, are additionally mentioned making an attempt to supply some guideline for experimentalists and theorists to discover desired unique properties and increase sensible functions of 2D supplies.

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