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Geothermal Warmth Pumps Vs. Gasoline Furnaces

Geothermal warmth pumps vs. fuel furnaces — each are efficient strategies for family heating, cost-wise and heat-wise. Nonetheless, just one may be topped essentially the most environment friendly.

Our article explores the 2 heating strategies, uncovering their environmental impression, prices concerned, and tax credit supplied.

Whereas this text targets individuals residing within the U.S., you may at all times contact your native municipalities to be taught extra about each models in your space.


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Geothermal Warmth Pumps Vs. Gasoline Furnaces

Geothermal Warmth PumpPure Gasoline Furnace
Geothermal warmth pumps are environment friendly and versatile. With out variations, they supply sustainable heating and cooling in your dwelling year-round.Pure fuel furnaces are used primarily for heating, however putting in a distinct system for cooling is feasible.
A GHP transfers pure warmth from under the Earth’s floor to chill or warmth your house and has no gas supply.Gasoline furnaces use pure fuel, which consists of methane and different carbon gases, as a gas supply.
A GHP makes use of a loop system that harnesses the underground temperatures to chill and warmth your house or business constructing.Pure fuel furnaces work with combustion to provide warmth which thus warms your house.
Since a GHP wants electrical energy to work, it not directly provides off carbon emissions. Nonetheless, this may be curbed through the use of different energies to energy your GHP, like photo voltaic or wind energy.Pure fuel furnaces don’t have an intensive impression on the setting on account of their low immersion charge. Gasoline furnaces emit Carbon Monoxide that may be lethal to people if furnace vents are damaged or defective. Moreover, excessive quantities of Carbon Monoxide can hurt the setting round you.

Is Geothermal Heating Extra Environment friendly Than Gasoline?

Whereas each programs use vitality to generate warmth, geothermal heating is extra environment friendly than pure fuel furnaces.

As a result of geothermal programs solely use one unit of electrical energy to generate 4 models of warmth, their effectivity towers above fuel furnaces.

With furnaces, solely 80% of the gas burnt goes in direction of heating whereas the opposite 20% is disposed of as exhaust.

Why Is Geothermal Heating So Environment friendly?

Geothermal heating is environment friendly as a result of small quantity of electrical energy wanted to provide 5 instances the warmth. It’s because geothermal warmth pumps work primarily based on transferring warmth as a substitute of making warmth.

About 5 toes under the Earth’s floor, the temperature stays fixed as a result of the soil’s thermal mass absorbs the solar’s warmth, maintaining the deeper elements of the soil cool. In winter, the other happens, the place the thermal mass prevents warmth from leaving.

Geothermal warmth pumps benefit from warmth retention. A system of pipes loops 5 toes under the floor utilizing conduction. Warmth transfers from the bottom into the liquid contained in the pumps.

The liquid then passes by means of the warmth pump, turning it right into a fuel. Subsequent, the fuel is handed by means of a strain valve, rising the temperature because the fuel compresses. Lastly, the fuel condenses right into a liquid and travels by means of the warmth distribution system.

How a geothermal heat pump works.
How a geothermal warmth pump works.
Supply: ResearchGate

To summarise, geothermal heating is environment friendly for the next causes:

  • It makes use of current warmth
  • It makes use of an amazing warmth conductor
  • It has a number of makes use of (they warmth and funky your house)

Please notice: you may comply with our information to calculate how a lot electrical energy geothermal warmth pumps use.

What’s the Essential Distinction Between Geothermal Warmth Pumps Vs. Gasoline Furnaces?

To reiterate, geothermal warmth pumps use current warmth, whereas pure fuel furnaces must generate warmth by means of combustion.


Now, let’s evaluate the necessities to warmth a median 2,500-square-foot dwelling.

Two thousand 5 hundred sq. toes requires 75,000 BTU to take care of a cushty temperature. The common geothermal warmth pump requires 5.49 kWh to generate 75,000 BTU.

Moreover, you’d want 72 cubic toes of pure fuel to generate 75,000 BTU. That converts to roughly 21.19 kWh.

Due to this fact, this instance reveals that geothermal warmth pumps are 74% extra environment friendly than pure fuel furnaces. That is supported by the EPA’s analysis which states that geothermal warmth pumps are 72% extra environment friendly than pure fuel furnaces.

Is Geothermal Or Gasoline Heating Higher For The Setting?

Pure fuel heating has a extra important destructive impression on the setting on account of its emissions. In distinction, geothermal warmth pumps have a low environmental impression – producing no direct emissions.

How a geothermal heating system works — Geothermal Heat Pumps Vs. Gas Furnaces.
How a geothermal heating system works.


Geothermal warmth pumps produce 75% much less carbon dioxide emissions than customary heating/cooling programs. That stated, Geothermal heating isn’t 100% clear both. Whereas your warmth pump received’t give off emissions, the electrical energy used have to be thought of.

For instance, coal energy vegetation produce 767 million metric tons of carbon dioxide to generate 757,763 million kWh. Whereas solely a fraction of that is used for geothermal warmth pumps, it nonetheless contributes to the larger image.

Conversely, pure fuel furnaces instantly launch carbon monoxide into the ambiance by means of combustion. In line with the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC), 50,000 individuals are rushed to the emergency room yearly on account of carbon monoxide poisoning. Even worse, no less than 430 individuals die on account of this poisoning.

Lastly, pure fuel furnaces contribute to acid rain.


Geothermal piping programs are comprised of high-density polyethylene and have a lifespan of about 50 years. As well as, once they attain the top of their lifespan, they don’t pose any environmental dangers.

In distinction, fashionable furnaces use chrome steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and fiberglass. They usually have 15 years, after which they want repairing or can be utilized as recycled scrap steel.

Which Is Cheaper, Geothermal Or Gasoline Heating?

Pure fuel heating is cheaper than geothermal heating. Nonetheless, geothermal warmth pumps last more and have an ROI interval of 4 to fifteen years. Since geothermal warmth pumps last as long as 50 years, it’s well worth the worth. Different components to think about are the operation and set up prices.

Value Of Operation: Geothermal Warmth Pumps Vs. Gasoline Furnaces

The price of operation varies relying in your electrical energy invoice, pure fuel consumption, and state.

In 2021, the common value of electrical energy in america was 13.72 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). Which means that a geothermal warmth pump prices round 0.75 cents per hour.

A pure fuel furnace of the identical capability would value $0.69 per hour. Nonetheless, do not forget that 20% of that fuel received’t generate warmth and might be used up throughout combustion.

The different elements of a gas furnace — Geothermal Heat Pumps Vs. Gas Furnaces.
The totally different parts of a fuel furnace.
Supply: familyhandyman

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Set up Prices

The ultimate value to think about is the price of set up.

Pure fuel furnaces are cheaper to put in however have a shorter lifespan. However let’s make this comparability truthful by dividing the set up value by the unit’s lifespan.

Geothermal warmth pumps value round $10,000 to $30,000. That’s a median set up value of $20,000. Now, if we divide that by the warmth pump lifespan of fifty years, we get $400.

Conversely, fuel furnaces value between $3,800 and $10,000 to put in; this averages out to $6,900. If you divide the associated fee by the lifespan, the set up would value $460.

Due to this fact, whereas a pure fuel furnace has a low start-up value, geothermal warmth pumps are cheaper in the long term.

Geothermal Warmth Pumps Vs. Gasoline Furnaces: Do Each Have Tax Credit?

Each geothermal warmth pumps and fuel furnaces have tax credit and incentives in america. Geothermal warmth pumps provide a 26% tax credit score till 2023, which is able to lower to 22% and fully fall away in January 2024.

Gasoline furnaces have a most tax credit score of $200. This credit score applies to the unit’s circulation fan ($50) and boiler ($150).

If you happen to purchase a geothermal warmth pump right now, you may rise up to $5,200 in tax credit score. Nonetheless, if you happen to’re contemplating this heating choice, we extremely advocate you purchase your unit earlier than the top of 2023 to obtain any type of a tax credit score.

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Last Ideas

It’s an in depth name when evaluating these two heating models. 

Pure fuel furnaces have a decrease set up value and an controversial cheaper operational value. Nonetheless, their effectivity is decrease than geothermal warmth pumps and has a extra important environmental impression.

Conversely, a geothermal warmth pump makes use of 1 unit of electrical energy to generate 4 models of warmth. This ratio makes geothermal heating some of the environment friendly dwelling heating strategies. As well as, you should utilize them year-round, regulating the temperature of your home with heating and cooling choices.

If you happen to’re seeking to flip your abode into an eco-home, you may contemplate putting in photo voltaic panels to subsidize {the electrical} utilization of the geothermal warmth pump.

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