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ios – Did not load check bundle on Mac M1, discovered x86_64, required arm64

I am operating Xcode 13.4.1 on an M1 and making an attempt to run the check bundle.

What I did:

  • Created a goal whose configuration consists of the usual architectures in addition to x86_64.
  • Excluded structure arm64 for that concentrate on.
  • Made positive ‘Construct Lively Structure Solely’ is about to No for this goal.

The undertaking builds efficiently on M1 however the exams instantly fail with the error:
System: Did not load the check bundle ... mach-o file however is an incompatible structure (have ‘x86_64’, want ‘arm64’)

I checked the construct log and certainly the linker command seems to focus on x86_64, it is in the beginning of the command:
/Functions/ -target x86_64-apple-ios11.0-simulator ...

However I assumed that is what I am presupposed to be doing as I am operating this on my M1 simulator. If I attempt to exclude arm64 my undertaking would not construct anymore (I understood this has to do with the way in which some pods in my dependencies are operating, requiring arm64 to be excluded).

Is there a option to make the undertaking construct for M1 however the exams to additionally run?

I noticed related questions however nothing matched this case and options did not work.

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