Results of various mixing strategies on the conductivities of poly(2-ethyl aniline)/graphene and poly(2-ethyl aniline)/expanded graphite composites: Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures: Vol 0, No 0


On this examine, the preparation of poly(2-ethyl aniline) (PEAn)/Graphene and PEAn/Expanded Graphite (EG) composites utilizing completely different mixing strategies and the impact of the preparation situations of composites on their electrical conductivities have been investigated. Herein, it was examined each the impact of the sonication time of EG and Graphene in HCl medium earlier than the polymerization on their homogeneous dispersion within the PEAn matrix and the impact of the three completely different mixing strategies, together with magnetic stirring, ultrasonication, and ball milling, on the formation of community within the composites. From the morphological characterization obtained by SEM, as a consequence of π-π* electron interplay, 2-EAn molecules have been polymerized on the floor of graphene and EG. It was decided that the composite with the best conductivity was obtained by in situ polymerization of 2-EAn within the presence of graphene through a ball milling technique for 10 h, after the sonication of graphene in aqueous HCl medium for six h. The conductivity of this PEAn/Graphene (1:1 by weight) composite elevated from 3.5×10−7 Scm−1 to 1.57 Scm−1 in comparison with pure PEAn.

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