Rising single-atom iron catalysts for superior catalytic methods

As a result of elusive construction–operate relationship, conventional nanocatalysts at all times yield restricted catalytic exercise and selectivity, making them virtually tough to interchange pure enzymes in huge industrial and biomedical purposes. Accordingly, single-atom catalysts (SACs), outlined as catalysts containing atomically dispersed energetic websites on a help materials, strikingly present the best atomic utilization and drastically boosted catalytic performances to functionally mimic and even outperform pure enzymes. The molecular traits of SACs (e.g., distinctive metallic–help interactions and exactly situated metallic websites), particularly single-atom iron catalysts (Fe-SACs) which have the same catalytic construction to the catalytically energetic heart of metalloprotease, allow the correct identification of energetic facilities in catalytic reactions, which afford ample alternative for unraveling the construction–operate relationship of Fe-SACs. On this overview, we current an summary of the current advances of help supplies for anchoring an atomic dispersion of Fe. Subsequently, we spotlight the structural designability of help supplies as two sides of the identical coin. Furthermore, the purposes described herein illustrate the utility of Fe-SACs in a broad scope of industrially and biologically vital reactions. Lastly, we current an outlook of the most important challenges and alternatives remaining for the profitable mixture of single Fe atoms and catalysts.

Graphical abstract: Emerging single-atom iron catalysts for advanced catalytic systems

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