Single-step synthesis of graphene nanosheets-carbon nanotubes hybrid construction by chemical vapor deposition of methane utilizing Fe-Mo-MgO catalysts: Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures: Vol 0, No 0


A set of Fe-Mo-Mg catalysts with various Mo/Mg weight ratios (40/10, 30/20, 20/30, and 10/40) had been ready and evaluated for the synthesis of graphene nanosheets/carbon nanotubes (GNS/CNT) hybrid supplies by way of methane chemical vapor deposition. The outcomes confirmed that altering the Mo/Mg ratio had a big impression on the yield and the character of the deposited carbon. The XRD and TPR outcomes revealed that the iron molybdate and magnesioferrite species had been the primary parts of Fe-Mo-Mg catalysts. TEM photographs confirmed that GNS-CNT hybrid supplies had been efficiently grown on the floor of all Fe-Mo-Mg programs, apart from the catalyst with the Mo/Mg ratio of 10:40, which produced CNT solely. Raman spectroscopy outcomes revealed that every one carbon merchandise had been of top quality, with ID/IG ratios starting from 0.14 − 0.41. It was additionally observed that growing the MgO content material within the catalyst composition will increase the quantity of CNT in comparison with GNS. The full carbon yield elevated from 170% to 284% for Fe-40Mo-10Mg and Fe-10Mo-40Mg, respectively. The gradual incorporation of Mg into the Fe-Mo catalyst considerably elevated catalytic progress exercise because of the presence of quite a few blended oxide species with various buildings, similar to MgFeOx, MgMoOx, and FeMoOx.

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